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Re: TCPRECV error code : 3426

So this is your own software, that you wrote?

Okay, well I can tell you that errno=3426 is also known as msgid 
CPE3426, which is more widely known as ECONNRESET

ECONNRESET means that a TCP connection was closed, and that some of the 
sent data was not received.

Four ways this can happen:

1) Receiver does a shutdown() to disable receiving, but sender still 
sends data.

2) Receiver disconnects in the middle of a TCP stream, where there's 
still data to receive.  Normally this doesn't cause ECONNRESET due to 
buffering on the receiving end -- but it CAN cause ECONNRESET if 
buffering is disabled.

3) Sender sends data then immediately disconnects without waiting for 
data to be received.  Normally this doesn't cause ECONNRESET because the 
OS keeps the TCP connection open even after the socket has closed in 
order to send the remainder of the send buffer.  But you can tell it not 
to wait for the send buffer in your CHGTCPA settings.  Or you can kill 
the connecting while it's waiting using the NETSTAT command.

4) A hardware failure can cause malformed or misunderstood packets to be 
sent in a TCP stream.  The receiver would reset the connection to 
prevent itself from receiving more of these "damaged" packets.  (This 
normally means a hardware failure of some kind.)

I hope that helps you.  You might try Googling ECONNRESET for more details.

Also, since this question does not relate to FTPAPI or HTTPAPI, I'd ask 
that you resume the conversation somewhere else.  The RPG400-L mailing 
list of Midrange.com might be a good place:


- or -  the systeminetwork forums are a good place

I'd be happy to discuss this situation with you further on those lists. 

On 3/1/2010 2:16 PM, abhishek sahu wrote:
> We have several as400 boxes in several locations. We communicate
> between the systems using TCP/IP and socket programs. But i am facing
> issue on one of the AS400 box where while receiving the data i get
> this error.
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