PicoBSD for TN5250

This is the source for creating a single floppy TN5250 disk. The idea is that you can have an older PC with no hard drive, just a network card. You stick this floppy in and boot it, and BLAM -- instant 5250 terminal!

I've got one pre-built floppy disk image of this TN5250 floppy which I've tried to make as generic as possible.

If the network card that you wish to use is not supported, or if you want to customize things, you'll need to download and build the disk from source. This will require a computer running the FreeBSD operating system to build.

Pre-Built Floppy instructions

  • You'll need a blank, formatted, 1.44mb floppy disk.
  • Click here to Download the 1.44mb disk image
  • (Windows Users) Click here to Download MS-DOS fdimage program
  • Save both of the above downloads into the same folder
  • (Windows Users) From an MS-DOS prompt, type:   fdimage pico5250.flp a:
  • (Unix Users) type:   dd if=pico5250.flp of=/dev/fd0 bs=1440k
  • Now you can boot the disk.

Building from source:

System requirements:

  • A PC running running FreeBSD 4.x (I used 4.8 in my tests -- I have not been able to get 5.x to work)
  • The source code for FreeBSD.
  • The source code for TN5250.
  • Super-user ("root") priveledges on the build PC


You can download the PicoBSD TN5250 source here:

GZIPped Tarball: PicoBSD TN5250

Make sure you read the file called README after you untar this!