This tutorial was written by Scott Klement as a free service to the AS400 / iSeries RPG community.

It was originally written as a plain ASCII text file, written using the vi text editor on a FreeBSD system. Before releasing it to the public, however, I re-formatted it into HTML to match the the theme of the rest of my web page.

After receiving many helpful comments from members of the RPG community, I decided that it would be better to re-format it into SGML, so that it could be transformed into PDF, RTF and HTML formats for both on-line viewing and easy printing. After some research, I decided to use the DocBook DTD. This allows me to transform it into different presentation formats using Jade, an open source DSSSL engine. Norm Walsh's DSSSL stylesheets were used with an additional customization layer to provide the presentation instructions for Jade.

All of the software used to re-format this document and transform it into different formats is open-source technology, and having used it for the first time creating this document, I highly recommend it!