Base64 Encode/Decode for ILE RPG

This is the source code for a service program written in ILE RPG for performing Base64 Encode/Decode on an iSeries system.

Unfortunately, I do not have any documentation or sample code for calling these routines at this time, but I may post some later.

The code will only work on an EBCDIC system. If you want to do the same thing in VARPG or another ASCII-based version of RPG, you will have to modify the base64 tables. This won't be a problem on an iSeries system, of course.

Base64 is part of the MIME standard. For more information, please see section 6.8 of RFC 2045.


You can download the Base64 routines from the following link:

Version 1.1 ZIP file

Info about installation is found in the README.TXT file in the ZIP archive.