CSV Utility

Back in 2008, I wrote a CSV utility (sometimes called "CSVR4") that could be used to read CSV files properly in an RPG program. You can read that article here (sorry, there isn't much formatting):

Working With CSV Data in RPG

By popular demand I have put the code for this article here on my web site for people who would like to use it. The link is below:

UPDATE 2018-10-11: Added CSVINTO for DATA-INTO support. This requires IBM i 7.2+

UPDATE 2020-05-05: Added Unicode (UTF-16) support to CSVR4 via an additional parameter to CSV_open() and a new function CSV_getFldUni() see the prototypes in CSV_H and example in CSVDEMO4 for details.

Package Download File Size Format Platform
CSV Utility CSVutil.zip 11 KB Zipped Source Code IBM i 6.1+ or 7.2+