Expect 5.43 for PASE

These are binaries for the Expect tool, available from The NIST Expect Web Site and the TCL tool, available from http://www.tcl.tk/. Both packages are open source -- see their web sites to download the source code and/or see details on the license information.

These tools are posted here because they are pre-compiled for AIX and are compatible with PASE under i5/OS.

[   ] expect.5.43.tar.Z 13-Aug-2008 00:00 2.5M [   ] tcl.8.4.9.tar.Z 13-Aug-2008 00:00 3.1M

To Install

Download the preceding files to the /tmp directory of the IFS on your i. When I installed them, I typed the following commands:

$ cd /tmp
$ uncompress tcl.8.4.9.tar.Z
$ uncompress expect.5.43.tar.Z
$ cd /
$ tar xf /tmp/tcl.8.4.9.tar
$ tar xf /tmp/expect.5.43.tar
$ ln -s /qopensys/usr/bin/stty /usr/local/bin/stty
Press F3 to exit PASE.