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I have a simple read from a huge xlsx multiple spreasheets that starts with ss_open.. and ends with ss_close..
IF I RUN it twice, without logoff and login again, I have an error on ss_open due to a java "OutOfMemoryError"
Do I have to close / deallocate memory after I finish my process?
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Re: ss_open_object_group

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I'm not familiar with ss_open_object_group or ss_close. Can you explain what they do? Are they similar to ss_begin_object_group and ss_end_object_group? Perhaps you created your own similar tool?

ss_begin_object_group and ss_end_object_group merely tell Java that your program is done with the references to objects. If nothing else is referring to them, Java's garbage collection will free the memory that the objects were using. But if other things are referring to them, they'll stay in memory until all of the references are gone.

Whether you are doing something wrong in your code is very hard to say since we haven't been shown any code.
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