CSV file locked even after csv_close()

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CSV file locked even after csv_close()

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I have written a program to process csv files from the /QNTC files system and load the data into DB2 on i tables. When processing the files in an ILE RPG program, after reading through the file I execute the csv_close() procedure and then set on LR and exit the program. In the ILE CL program that called the RPG, I then attempt to move the file to an archive folder, but the MOV command is failing with error CPFA09E ("Object in use.").

When I process more than one file at a time, all of the subsequent files are processed and moved to the archive folder successfully. But I can never get the first file to move. I don't understand (a) what is using the file, and (b) why the csv_close() procedure call doesn't "unlock" the file so I can move it.

EDIT: The lock on the IFS file is only released after the user signs off of the emulation session which called the initial CL driver program.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Re: CSV file locked even after csv_close()

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Have you found the cause to the problem?
Please tell us if you found what happened.

Otherwise here are 2 links that might help you.

https://www.rpgpgm.com/2015/07/checking ... s-and.html
https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/findi ... e-system-0
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