Passive Send No Longer Working

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Passive Send No Longer Working

Post by kardon »

We have been using an FTP script with passive sends for forever. Through manual tests of the script we figured out that we have to send both the SENDPAsv 0 and SENDEPSV 0 commands in order the PUT to actually go through. Found in the API doc where we can use FTP_passiveMode *OFF, but nothing about turning EPSV off. How can we turn them both off in the API script?
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Re: Passive Send No Longer Working

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FTPAPI doesn't support extended passive mode (unless someone else added it? I didn't.) so there's no such thing as 'EPSV' (which is short for "extended passive') in FTPAPI.

Does your firewall require extended passive mode in order to allow FTP traffic?
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