Support for SMTP_Auth

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Richard la Croix
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Support for SMTP_Auth

Post by Richard la Croix »

Hi Scott,

I am looking for the possibility to do SMTP_Auth with the SMTPR4 tool.

I looked in the source of my current installation but don't find any option like this.
According to the comment in my version it is from August 2006.

Is there a newer version that supports SMTP login? I don't find any reference to the SMTP tool on your website any more.

If not, I assume I would need to extend SMTP_connect and SMTP_hshake to provide for this. Any feedback or advise from your side regarding this?

Best regards
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Re: Support for SMTP_Auth

Post by msddcb »

Hi Scott,

I am also looking for the same answer.

We have been using SMTPR4 for a very long time and now we need to authenticate with Office365 and I am trying to find either an example of the format of the SMTP request that authenticates or how to modify SMTPR4 to do so.


Scott Klement
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Re: Support for SMTP_Auth

Post by Scott Klement »

The first post is correct, it's not currently implemented. You could add it (I suspect you'd also want to add SSL support) and contribute it back to the project.
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