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Web Services

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2022 6:11 pm
by derasa
I am new to using the web service. So forgive me for my ignorance. One question that arises for people in my company, is whether it is justifiable to use the Web Service intensively for sending data between two companies. For example, can a web service program receive data from 500 different points from a different continent without performance issues?

Where can I read about the best and common uses for using Web Services?

Re: Web Services

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2022 8:15 pm
by jonboy49
My first thought was that we all deal every day with systems that are massively web service based. Facebook, Amazon, Airline systems, UPS, Fedex, and on and on. They are a fact of life in modern application design.

My second thought was "What are your alternatives". You say you are receiving data from 500 places on multiple continents. So a floppy disk or thumb drive and the mail is probably off the agenda <grin>. So you are going to be using some form of electronic communication. Is it acceptable to process data in batches ? In which case an FTP-like scenario (even implemented as a web service) is a possibility. But how much interaction his needed?

In other words when data is sent to you what does the sender expect to see back? If they are looking for an immediate response "Got it - delivery date is X price is Y") type of processing then for sure web services are a great way to go.

If pure speed is a requirement then perhaps consider micro-services such as those available through ILEastic ( or via third parties such as Eradani, or Rocket or Lansa or Profound, or ... It depends on how much you want to learn and what your budget is.

Also what (if anything) is in place right now? Are they for example placing orders by 5250 screens? Or a web page ? Or is this all new ?

All of these factor into any answer - and we don't know your situation.