Port command failed with FTPAPI v2.3

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Frank Breitbarth
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Port command failed with FTPAPI v2.3

Post by Frank Breitbarth »

Hello everybody,

we are using an AS400 with V7R4 and the FTPAPI v2.3 to send and receive EDI files via GXS. During the last couple of days some EDI files can't be received by the AS400 as we are getting the error message "PORT command failed - try using PASV instead". Should I try to enable passive FTP mode during the connection or could there be another problem? The error message doesn't arrive every time,but for some file transmissions from GXS to the AS400.

I also noticed that there's a new version of the FTP-API. What are the enhancements or fixes of version 2.4?

Best regards
Frank Breitbarth
Scott Klement
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Re: Port command failed with FTPAPI v2.3

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If you download version 2.4, there is a member named CHANGELOG in it that tells what has been changed.

The error message you cite is typically caused by a firewall not allowing FTP on certain ports in the ephemeral range. Have you tried passive mode like it suggests?
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