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With OS/400 IBM ships a wonderful FTP client that allows you to  I do both interactive and batch file transfers. After attempting to write a few programs that send files in "batch" mode, I discovered that properly detecting errors in batch mode was not fun.

For my own project, I needed a way to reliably send data to a customer every day. When this failed, or anything went wrong in the process I needed an easy way to alert the I.S. department before the customer noticed.

From these requirements, the FTP API was born. It uses socket calls to implement the FTP protocol. If anything goes wrong, it will report the error, and give the program the ability to retrieve the error message. I use it both to send/receive files from my customers, and also (as a seperate job) to log on later and check that the file is actually there.

This is a powerful utility with many uses, so I'm opening it up to the world. Since this has only been tested for a few applications with a few servers, I'm looking for people to help out with testing, documentation and maybe even with new features.

Have Fun! 


You can get the most recent version of FTPAPI in two ways:

Save file: Current Version (2.4)

ZIP file: Current Version (2.4)

Unsupported Download:

An older version of FTPAPI, that's no longer supported or enhanced, but that works on V3R2 systems is still available for download:

Save file: Current Version (1.12)

XML installer: Current Version (1.12)


If you're having problems or would like to help with the FTP API project, please use the public forums. This is where I hang out, and is where the other experts on this tool hang out, as well. Once you're subscribed, you can ask your questions in the FTPAPI forum

NOTE: The forums replaced a mailing list in July 2021. If you'd like to see the old messages from the old mailing list, click here for the searchable archive.