GnuPG Articles by Scott Klement

I have written the following article about using GnuPG on i. This article was originally published on System iNetwork which is gone, but my raw manuscript can be found here:

Using GnuPG for PGP on i
Download GnuPG for IBM i PASE:

Note: Scott Klement does not claim any ownership or rights to GnuPG, he has only compiled it, and provided the compiled version for your convenience.

For license, official documentation, source code, and other resources related to GnuPG, please visit their official home page at

Installation Instructions

To install GnuPG on IBM i, please take the following steps:

GnuPG Documentation

The best source for GnuPG documentation is their documentation page.

GnuPG Manual Pages

GNU provides Unix manual pages with GnuPG. You can click the links below to read them.

Cover page
OpenPGP encryption and signing tool
Verify OpenPGP signatures
Encrypt or sign files into an Archive