KILL command for IBM i

On Unix systems, there's a command named kill that you can use to send any signal to any process on the system. This is an IBM i (OS/400) version of that command, written in ILE RPG.

With this command, you can send a signal to any OS/400 job that is enabled to receive signals. For example:


This sends the terminate (*TERM) signal to the IBM i job named in the JOB() parameter.

This software is open source, released under a modified BSD license. License details are given at the top of the KILLR4 RPG source code, available in the download.

System Requirements
Package Download File Size Format Platform
KILL *CMD 13 KB Zipped Source IBM i V5R3
Having Trouble?

If you are having trouble, the best place to seek assistance is in the System iNetwork forums:

Since this tool is written in RPG, I recommend the RPG forum.