OpenSSH on i Articles by Scott Klement

I have written the following articles about using OpenSSH on i, handling errors, and scripting. These articles are all © copyright by Penton Media, and some of them may require a membership with System iNetwork.

The SSH, SCP and SFTP Tools from OpenSSH
OpenSSH: The Swiss Army Knife for Secure Networking
Error Handling in SFTP Scripts
A Download Site for the Expect Tool
Translate IFS File Between ASCII, EBCDIC and Unicode
An Easy Way to Put Variables in an Expect Script for SFTP
Handle Errors in Expect Scripts
IBM OpenSSH Documentation

These were not written by me (Scott Klement) but rather by other authors, and published by IBM. But, they do contain information on using OpenSSH in an IBM i environment.

IBM Portable Utilities for i (IBM's site for 5733-SC1)
OpenSSH: Configuring Server / Client(IBM Software Knowledge Base)
OpenSSH: How to Stop SSH from Creating Thousands of Job Logs
Securing Communications with OpenSSH on IBM i5/OS
IBM i5/OS Network Security Scenarios A Practical Approach
Using chroot on the System i to Restrict ssh, sftp, and scp to Specific Directories
Changing the Default Shell for Inbound SSH Connections
OpenSSH on i Manual Pages

The OpenSSH project provides a "reference manual" for their tools in Unix "man pages". For some reason, IBM did not provide these manual pages with 5733-SC1. Therefore, I'm providing them here for your reference:

Commands Servers Config Files Digital Key Tools