Greasemonkey Scripts:

Greasemonkey is a plugin for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It lets you write scripts that are stored in your copy of Firefox, and run when you visit a particular web site (or a wildcard matching many web sites.) Using Greasemonkey, scripts, you can customize sites to make them easier for you to use, or you can add your own tools to work with certain sites.

This page lists some Greasemonkey scripts that I've written and find useful.

System Requirements:


  • System iNetwork Forum tools
    Change the colors and provide some extra tools for searching, etc, the System iNetwork Forums.

  • System iNetwork Article Titles
    Adds the article titles to the newsletter archive indexes on

  • User Moderator
    This one is probably not useful to the public. It's for the folks who administer the System iNetwork forums. This adds an option to the "Moderate Users" screen to check the users against

More Info:

For more information about Greasemonkey, see the following links: