Download Traceroute for OS/400:

Since IBM does not ship a traceroute utility with OS/400, I   I wrote my own. Since it seems that this utility might be useful to other people as well, I've put it online.  Have Fun! 

NOTE: Due to the strict security features of OS/400, this utility requires a PTF to work on V4R4/V4R5, and will not work on V5R1 or later. In V5R1, IBM provides a TRACERT command that you should use instead.

System Requirements:


  • Download my traceroute distribution and save it to your PC.

  • Log onto your AS/400, and create a save file to store the store the distribution in. To do this, type CRTSAVF QGPL/TRACEROUTE

  • FTP the distribution from your PC to your AS/400. To do this:
    • Open an MS-DOS Prompt.
    • Type: cd \directory\where\you\put\traceroute.savf
    • Type: ftp your-as400-name-here
    • Type: (enter your username & password when asked)
    • Type: binary
    • Type: put traceroute.savf QGPL/TRACEROUTE
    • Type: quit


  • Build the CL program that will create everything needed to run traceroute. On your AS/400, type: CRTCLPGM TRACEROUTE/BUILDME SRCFILE(TRACEROUTE/SOURCE)

  • Call the CL program to do the actual build. (For this you should be using an account with *ALLOBJ authority) CALL TRACEROUTE/BUILDME PARM(TRACEROUTE)

  • Everything should now be compiled. Test it by typing ADDLIBLE TRACEROUTE followed by TRACEROUTE 'WWW.YAHOO.COM'

  • Assuming everything is now working, you can delete the SAVF and the BUILDME program.

For more information see the README member of the file called "SOURCE" in the TRACEROUTE library.