Unix Cmd Tool

This is a tool to help simplify the process of running QShell or PASE commands from RPG or CL. For RPG, the tool implements a SPECIAL file that you open and connect to a QShell or PASE command that you want to run. When you read the file, you're reading the output of the command. When you write to the file, you're writing data to the command. For CL, it provides OPNPIPE, RCVPIPE, SNDPIPE and CLOPIPE commands that open the Unix and send/receive data from it, very similar to the way you use files in CL.

More information can be found in my blog:

A Powerful Way to Run Unix and Open Source Tools From a Program
Package Download File Size Format Platform
UnixCmd 1.3 UnixCmd.zip 48 KB Zipped Source IBM i v5r3+
GeoCode geocode.zip 1 KB Zipped Source PHP Example