README for 1.48

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README for 1.48

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Hi Scott

I've just updated our 1.45 install to 1.48 (from the save file download) and noticed that the README file in QRPGLESRC is missing content beyond the 100 character SRCDTA size. I presume it's from the switch to using the IFS for source members introduced in 1.46, with lines being truncated when packaged for the save file.

It's not exactly a world-ending issue, but it is the only one we've had using HTTPAPI so far! We're using http_req() to interact with Sage Intacct web services and it worked on the first try. It's my first time using web services from RPG and I'm appreciating the XML-INTO opcode (which I read about in one of your presentations It makes it all quite easy :)

Thanks for your hard work on this project.

Regards, Martin
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