HTTPAPI beta testing

If you're looking at this page, we highly recommend that you also participate in the ">HTTPAPI forum or are working with a Support Specialist at Profound Logic Software and would like to help with testing for the next release of HTTPAPI.

Thanks! We could sure use your help testing!

The following are the current beta copies of HTTPAPI. The installation instructions are the same as those on the main HTTPAPI page, except that you should use these downloads instead of the ones provided on those pages.

Format Min Release Download File
Zip V6R1+
SAVF V6R1+ httpapi.savf

Note: The preceding files are all the same version of the code. They are alternative ways to install the same version.

Please test these out and report your questions, comments or concerns to the HTTPAPI forum. Or, if you have a paid support contract, send them to Thanks for your help with beta testing!

Creating Debug Logs

Often times, when something fails, a debug log will provide the additional diagnostics needed to troubleshoot the problem.

To create a debug log, call HTTPAPI's "http_debug" API. This API tells HTTPAPI to log things to a file. For example, in fixed-format RPG, you'd code the following:

     C                   callp     http_debug(*ON)

You should place this statement prior to any calls to other HTTPAPI functions. The easiest way to do that is to stick it at the top of your calc specs. The same API also works in free format RPG, of course:


Once you've recompiled your program, and re-run it, HTTPAPI will write it's debug log to the IFS as /tmp/httpapi_debug.txt

If you prefer a different filename, you can specify this by passing a second parameter to the http_debug API.

     C                   callp     http_debug(*ON: '/tmp/mydebuglog.txt')

You can view this file from green-screen using the IBM i DSPF command:

DSPF STMF('/tmp/httpapi_debug.txt')

It can also be viewed from Windows via Notepad using a mapped drive, FTP download, IBM i Navigator, etc. Good luck!