YAJL (Yet Another JSON Library)

This is an IBM i port of YAJL, a very fast JSON parser/generator created by Lloyd Hilaiel of Mozilla fame.

This tool was introduced (and is better described) in the following article:

Serve JSON Web Services with RPG and YAJL

For instructions on how to install YAJL, please download the main YAJL file (YAJL.zip, below) and see the README.txt file inside the ZIP file.

The sample code from the above article is also below and is named STOCKQTY.zip. It requires the main YAJL.zip to be installed in order to work.

Note: Updated March 27, 2014 to fix bugs with un-escaping of escaped strings, and pointer error in yajl_get_number.

Note: Updated April 4, 2014 to fix bug interpreting true/false values.

Note: Updated October 31, 2015 to enable support for escaping solidus and fix bug with yajl_tree_free.

Note: Updated February 24, 2017 to add yajl_stringify() routine.

Note: Updated March 31, 2017 to workaround problems in QtmhWrStout with large JSON buffers.

Note: Updated September 29, 2017 to add yajl_stringifyStr, yajl_copyBufStr and yajl_string_load_tree routines.

Note: Updated March 9, 2018 to add yajl_genFromNode routine.

Package Download File Size Format Platform
YAJL for IBM i YAJL.zip 1 MB Zipped Source/SAVF IBM i v6r1+
STOCKQTY Sample STOCKQTY.zip 3.7 KB Zipped Source IBM i v6r1+
Working With JSON in RPG Sample Code WORKINGJSON.zip 5.7 KB Zipped Source IBM i v6r1+